Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mary a Woman of Substance

Even though not much is written in Scripture about Mary what is revealed is very telling, in that like her Son Jesus, she too lived to do the Will of the Father, and Mary did so with perfection.

It is the very silence of Mary that grabs one's attention, for if Mary had been quoted more often by the Apostles, would it have differed from what Jesus himself was teaching those around him?

When Mary says, "Do whatever he tells you", does this not express the entire concept and Messianic meaning of Jesus entire Salvific Mission? For upon hearing these words, what did the people gathered at the wedding do? They did exactly as Jesus told them to, and also exactly as Mary had instructed.

For the relationship between this Mother and Son was unique unto itself, never to be repeated, as God took human flesh in Mary's womb. This sealed the relationship between both Mother and Son, to undo the sin of our first parents, Adam and Eve.

Through Mary's Fiat we have eternal life in her Son our Lord, and through Mary's obedience to God, we have the example of perfect conformity to the Will of the Father.

Mary's entire life was one of profound mystery through the Annunciation and of complete trust in God, even though at times the meaning of Jesus words remained hidden as Mary pondered them in her heart.

It is through Mary that we gain a greater insight in how to conform to the Will of God as she did, with total perfection. This would not have been easy for Mary, for like all Mothers she loved her Son dearly, and there must have been times when her heart would have been perturbed at the reception her Son received by others.

Mary's silence is a silence of substance, for why would Mary repeat her Son's every word, in that both Mother and Son were united and incorporated into the Divine Will. Mary in herself was not Divine, though God filled her spirit with Grace, but her Son Jesus, had both Divine and human nature.

It is Mary's silence that truly speaks volumes, in that she had no need to neither question her son nor query his actions, once his Mission had begun. For Mary knew her Son spoke the Word of eternal life, and she obeyed his every word not blindly but with complete filial trust and confidence in God, her Son.

Mary's entire life was spent in pointing and directing all attention to her Son, who had the words of eternal life. Her example to all who shared their life was to listen and obey with complete humility and docility the words her Son spoke.

The silence of Mary in Scripture is not because she had little to say, her silence lay in the fact that though Jesus was her Son, he was also God. Mary may have pondered many things in her heart but she never questioned God's love nor His Power to overcome evil.

And as Mary pondered in her heart in silence it was a silence of substance in the mystery of mysteries.

Peace of Christ to ALL

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