Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mary Mother for All Eternity

Mary was chosen by our Heavenly Father from the beginning of time to be the Mother of His beloved Son our Lord Jesus Christ. And even though Mary was chosen for this most august and singular mission, she still could have through her own free will, declined God's invitation to bear the Son of God, in human flesh.

And though Mary through God's Grace was Immaculate in her mother’s womb, God did not deprive Mary of her free will to choose her own course. But Mary through her own will and beauty of soul chose to give her 'fiat', so that through her Son all men may be saved.

But more than this is the obedient and docile nature of Mary, who obeyed God with uncommon courage and humility, even though at times she was not always knowing about the course of her Son's life, still she trusted God her Heavenly Father.

Mary is a beacon to all of us on how to live the Divine Will in our daily lives and how we accomplish this amalgamation of our will forged to the Divine Will. This is what sets Mary apart from all others and through her obedience and confidence in God's Promise we too gain a glimpse of God's most Perfect Nature.

If God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit chose Mary as their most perfect woman, who are we to question the Wisdom of God? For by choosing this most noble of souls, God shows each of us through Mary how to achieve this most perfect state of a soul united as one with the Divine Being.

For though Mary lived the Divine Will in her daily life, this did not make her a robot, and she lost none of her own individual uniqueness. God was simply able to work within her soul without any interruption, like a flowing river of pure water, there were no ripples of discontent nor pride to impede God's action in Mary's soul.

This teaches all of us that if we follow Mary's example, then God will also be able to incorporate and fuse our will with His Divine Will, which would make us children of the Living God. We would be light bearers of eternal Love, spreading peace and joy to all we meet. For this is how Mary lived, and why she is irreplaceable in God's plan of Salvation.

We like Mary, would become Co-redeemers, as we seek with all our hearts to pray to our Heavenly Father for the salvation of others and to also offer our sufferings to God in expiation of those who willingly refuse God's Love.

Through Mary we learn how to be obedient and how to live our lives in perfect unison with the Divine. For like her Son, Mary too is the perfect example of one who loved till it cost.

Peace of Christ to ALL

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