Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mary Her Life and Mission Unfolds

Upon the birth of her son, both Mary and Joseph would have followed the Jewish Law at the time, and had him circumcised, giving him the name Jesus. Once again following Jewish custom they would have taken the baby Jesus to have him consecrated to God. It was here that Simeon upon recognising the child’s mission, exclaimed with prophesying joy "You see this child: he is destined for the fall and for the rising of many in Israel, destined to be a sign that is rejected -- and a sword shall pierce your own soul, too -- so that the secrets of many hearts may be laid bare."
Joseph and Mary then returned to their home in Nazareth. It was when they had returned to their home that an Angel warned Joseph of imminent danger to the baby Jesus and to flee the area because of Herod’s decree. Joseph gathered Mary and the baby and they then journeyed to Egypt, it must have been a very uncomfortable journey in that Mary was still nursing Jesus, and both their hearts must have been heavy to leave the land of their birth.
It was in the safety of Egypt that Joseph and Mary raised the infant Jesus, teaching him the Truths of their Faith and love of God. Upon being told of the death of Herod by an Angel, Joseph and Mary returned to their beloved home land. Both parents would have lived a traditional life, Joseph as a carpenter was providing an income from which the family survived and Mary keeping their home clean and the preparation of foods. Mary would have cooked traditional meals using what ever vegetables were that particular season, she may even have kept a garden to supply their daily needs, in what was a harsh terrain. The meals would have consisted of leeks, onions, grapes, olives; they may have kept a goat in order to supply milk to make yogurt and cheese mixed with different herbs. As Mary cooked the meals one can imagine the smells emanating from her kitchen, of bread being baked, the different herbs used, and perhaps whilst preparing each dish, the infant Jesus would have been in proximity, as Mary lovingly prepared their meals.
Mary's days consisted of taking care of the needs of her family, which also included making and mending clothes worn by both Joseph and Jesus, and also her own. Like any woman, Mary would have kept a clean and spotless home; visitors would have been welcomed as stories were exchanged around hardy tables, chairs or mats made by Joseph.
But upon Mary's heart would have been the added burden of knowing how many Mothers lost their first born son when Herod commenced the 'Killing of the Innocents'. This must have grieved Mary deeply, as unlike her, many mothers did not know who Jesus is, and therefore many mothers must have wondered why their sons died and yet Mary's son did not.
As Mary an extraordinary woman, lived an ordinary life, her mission too was now unfolding.
Peace of Christ to you ALL
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